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Art by toyisme room

This room is a one of a kind room which will blow your mind.
The artist of Toyisme took out their brushes and made this beautifull piece of art for us.

In 2022 they have their 30 year anniversiry.
Toyism is known for their crazy masks and spectaculair artwork all around the globe.
Their style is recognisable themselves are not. They alwayw work with their masks on and a pseudonym. It's all about the artwork and not about the artist. 

Find out about the maincharacters in this artwork; four sheep who have drifted away from their herd. They're not a dime in a dozen.

But of course you will also find: safe, TV, telephone, alarm service, desk and bathroom with a shower, toilet and hairdryer. In addition, the room has free tea & coffee making facilities.


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