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Package deals Brinkhotel in Zuidlaren

At the Brinkhotel we offer more than just a room for the night.

We have assembled several packages so you can explore the beautiful surrounding of the hotel and Zuidlaren. The Provence of Drenthe offers a perfect nature for bikers and hikers. We also offer a Wellness package to relax in one of the most peaceful regions of the Netherlands.

We look forward to welcome you at the Brinkhotel soon!

Bicycle package

Our beautiful Brinkhotel is located in “the” bicycle province of the Netherlands “Drenthe” . for that reason we have assembled a couple of bicycle packages for you. You can rent a bike at the hotel and explore the  radiant area that Zuidlaren has to offer.

Walking package

We have a hiking package for you so you can explore the ambient surroundings of the Brinkhotel.

Put on your hiking boots and enjoy the peaceful surroundings in the nature that Drenthe offers. Zuidlaren is a stop of the Pieterpad hiking tour, this tour goes from north (Pieterburen) to south (st. Pietersberg) of the Netherlands.

So during your stay in Zuidlaren you can hike a part of the famous route.

Culinary package

Culinary delights in Zuidlaren? Book our Culinary Zuidlaren package now at the Brinkhotel!

3 days at Brinkhotel Zuidlaren

Have a great stay at Brinkhotel Zuidlaren. Come enjoy all the beauty that Drenthe has to offer.

Golf package

What is more relaxing than put a ball in the green province Drenthe. We have two golf packages for you so you can enjoy the peaceful, serene green environment of the north!