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Discover Groningen and Drenthe

Come and discover the hidden treasures in the Northern part of the Netherlands.

The city of Groningen has been chosen as one of the happiest cities in Europe. So why not take your group to the Netherlands and see why the people in Groningen are so happy? You will discover the beautiful "Groninger Museum" which is actually one of the most visited museums in The Netherlands!

The province of Drenthe will offer your group different kinds of activities; what about a visit to "Bourtange"? A unique historical fortress which is  without comparison. In this small, cosy fortress town, the present day and past centuries go together perfectly. 
Or do you want to learn more about the megalithic tomb builders and megalithic tombs? 

There are dozens of interesting visits to make, just let us know what you prefer and we will happily help you make your program.


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